Monday, 17 September 2012

Make sure you have the following on your Blog!

To make the most of you Blog, make sure that you have all of the following!

  • A clear and suitable template
  • Use the customise area to choose suitable colours, fonts and layout
  • Use to create an avatar of your self
  • Add your avatar as both your profile picture (in the dashboard) and as an image using the 'Picture' gadget
  • Use the 'Blog List' gadget to follow and the other people in your class (where might you find these addresses?)
  • Add the list of our class' blogs to your reading list (from your dashboard)
  • If you have not got a Twitter account, create a school based one!
  • Use this link to add your existing Twitter account feed to your Blog (you may have to use the html/java gadget)
  • Follow @WildernICT_KS4
  • Use Adobe Fireworks to create a suitable banner for your site (no more than 900 x 100 and save as .png with transparent background)
  • Change the Favicon of your site
  • Add any other suitable gadgets to your site
  • Add a new post describing what you have achieved in your first lessons
  • In the same way that you access your Blog (school email > black bar), go to your own Wildern School YouTube account and set up your channel!
  • Add a suitable gadget to you Blog to show your channel off

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